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Lilly James is the collaborative efforts of two energetic and enthusiastic women who are passionate about their children and the clothing they wear.  But we are more than great clothing and amazing accessories.  At Lilly James, our goal is to create a community for mothers to talk, shop, and connect.  We want our website to give today’s multi-tasking, cheerio packing, facebook-friendly, super mom a place to gush about her daughter’s 1st dance recital or vent about the Chef Boyardee stain on the new living room couch.  We want to celebrate your personal triumphs and give you helpful tips to clean up life’s little messes.  At Lilly James, we want to tear down the fallacies of  ”the perfect mom” and celebrate the beauty and vulnerability of the everyday challenges of motherhood. We know the frustration of potty training, the excitement of the first word, and the speed with which it all happens.

We hope, in all things, to cherish the joys of childhood while celebrating the beauty of fashion.